Nibiru, the Winged(or Horned) Disc

Many believe that since Nibiru causes so much fear, chaos, and destruction, that it is a reptillian or satanic instrument of war. In fact, the Dark Star and its entire system of planets may be a counterfiet system to our own, and domininantly alien or reptilian. Is this the domain of Lucifer and his fallen angels -the "outer darkness" of which the Bible speaks of, with the Dwarf Planets acting as Guardian of the Gates to Hell?

Do we have a miniature version of Nibiru and the Dark Star within our very own planet? If our hollow earth can be likened to to a cosmos or solar system and its inner central sun to a star around which other objects (representing planets) revolve, then we have a similar model, only on a much smaller scale. See the Earth's Inner Sun on this site.

Astronomer Alessandro Morbidelli at the Cote D'Azur Observatory postulates that our Dark Star may have an orbital period of as much as six sars or 21,600 years. He bases this on the Babylonian Great Year period of six sars mentioned by Roman chronologist Censorinus in the third century AD. This is close to the 25,920 year period that astronomer Pickering gave to his planet Q back in 1909. After every such period or revolution the Earth's poles become equatorial causing great catastrophes.

Like Andy Lloyd, Morbidelli believes our Dark Star is presently past its perihelion(farthest distance from the Sun) and on its way back, but it has a long way to go. He too believes it is now located somewhere in the star-rich fields of Sagittarius where it is not so easy to observe.